Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hi Grandmommy. How are you doing?
I just made some delicious chocolate chip cookies. It's too bad I'm not in Dallas so you can help me eat them, because I made a whole bunch. Well, I'll just think of you while I'm eating them and that will have to do.

I am so glad it's the weekend! I like school and work at the library, but it's nice to wake up naturally at 10:30 instead of to am alarm clock at 8:00 am.

Did you know that Jacob, John's son, is in Kindergarten this year? He goes to Zilker Elementary, and I found out they have a website! So you can click here and learn a little bit about the school he goes to if you want. I have heard it's the best elementary school in Austin.
I talked to Jacob this week about school and he said he likes it a lot. Tracy, Luke's wife, says that he is writing more easily and that he likes art more than he did before starting school.
That's Jacob, in John's vest from Indian Guides, which he used to do with Granddaddy (Joe). What a cutie, huh?

Also, Sean and I and our co-workers have been working hard to make the website we are building even better, so you can snoop around on it here. Click on K-12 Teachers to see the new stuff.

Well, I am going to go eat some more cookies. I love you very very much.