Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hello! I am in Nacogdoches
and I am almost done with my first week of school. My classes are these:
-Literary Development in Early Childhood: an interesting subject but unfortunately probably going to be boring because of the teacher
-U.S. History from 1890 to Present: an interesting subject and a funny, dorky, smart teacher!
-Political Science (Government Structure): Probably a boring subject. I had a teacher who I quickly realized was going to bore me all semester so I transferred into a different section with a teacher who comes with recommendations. I'll let you know if it turns out well.
-Introduction to Early Childhood- a teacher who reminds me of Lynn Anne but obviously not quite as awesome. The lab section has a different teacher who is also nice and funny. We get to work with toddlers and also learn how to have teacherly handwriting! Yep, that's right, there's a course for that.
-Math for Elementary Teachers: the professor is nice and has a sense of humor and the math is easy. And I like easy math.

Tonight I am dogsitting for Chris because he has a doctor's appointment in Tyler in the morning so he's at his parents' house tonight. Clementine (see a previous post for picture of Clem and first post for Chris) is sleeping in her kennel right now, probably because it smells like home. Earlier tonight I called Chris and put the phone so Clem could hear him speak and she loved that! So even though she loves me she'll be real glad to see him tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Chris' birthday too and I'm going to make him a chocolate cake. He will be 22. Then we are going, with several friends, to Houston to see a concert of bands from the 1980s: Def Leppard, Styx, and Foreigner. It should be fun!

I love you a lot a lot! I will keep you updated on school and everything.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


well, i'll soon be off to nacogdoches, and i have until 3:00 to finish packing it all up. actually i think i'll be done soon and will go over to see luke, tracy, and jacob before i head out.
good news! austin city limits music festival is one of the biggest events in austin and a huge part of luke's job. well, luke and tracy asked me if i would come in that weekend and babysit jacob! for 3 days. and in return, luke will get me in to the festival the last night to see bob dylan, a singer-songwriter who is amazing. ask dad. chris (see first post for picture) will be coming in to work for luke so i will just hitch a ride with him!
gotta go pack. i love you, gramdmommy and dad.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

well! hello. since last i wrote, i have seen chris, who is my boyfriend, and his cute cute puppy dog, clementine. she looks like this:
and i have been to dallas, where i saw you, grandmommy, and we had root beer floats on national root beer float day. we also saw dad and lynn anne.
and i saw my friends from high school. it was so fun. my friend marshall has a house on lake cedar creek and we got to go there and go out on his boat and cook together and play games. it was a really nice part of the summer.

now i am back in austin at my mom's house

and i will be here until i go back to school in nacogdoches on august 23rd, which is this coming wednesday. mom is driving me out there and going antique shopping on the way and then i will stay in nacogdoches for the semester.

i love you and i hope you're doing well.
(how's your knee?)