Sunday, January 6, 2008

long lost!

Well hi. It's been a while since I've written here, so I apologize.
Things have happened I'm sure since the last post but I don't know how interesting most of them are.
Stuff I can think of are:
-I am moving into a new apartment in Nacogdoches, where I go to school. My roommate and I did not get along very well and now I will live somewhere else with someone else.
-I got all A's in school! It was kind of an easy semester but all A's is brag-worthy any time, I think.
-I saw you and the rest of our family over winter break. In Stephenville, we got to play with the little adorable puppy that Lynn Anne gave to Joel's daughters. Here's a video of the dog! In Austin, I saw my mom and John and Tracy and Jacob.
-Jacob turns 6 years old on Friday, January 11th! Hopefully he will have a great time and he says he will be allowed to play on the monkey bars at school when he is 6.
-I will go back to school on Sunday, January 13th. I'll move into my new apartment and start what will hopefully be a great semester.

I love you, Grandmommy, and I will try to remember to write here often!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for writing, josephine. you sure are a smart girl to get all a's in college.
that's pretty funny about jacob getting to play on the monkey bars when he's 6.

your thank you note came in the mail this morning. you are very thoughtful and polite to do that.
thank you.

love granmommy