Friday, July 27, 2007

hi grandmommy!

i made this blog so my grandmommy would have something cool to look at when she uses the computer.
hi grandmommy and dad.
i figure i can write about things that are going on with me and put up pictures too, so gmommy can see me when i'm not able to visit her in dallas.
if you are lucky enough to be reading this, you are probably also lucky enough to be related to me, so good for you!
love, josephine
p.s. these are some pictures. there is me, me and my boyfriend chris, and some artwork i have made.


Anonymous said...

Cool, JTB!!! Love you.
Lynn Anne

Anonymous said...

you sure are pretty. i love you.

Anonymous said...

hi josie. it, uncle john this time
we are here in mary annes library. we brought nance and deb who are here from austin --- Uncle john

hi josie -- you're very sweet to have set this up for your GRANDmother! :) Hope to see you in austin one of these days -- hear your brother with be there for some ultimate frisbee sometime soon, so hopefully then...? deb