Tuesday, July 31, 2007

here is a picture of two men you may know as your son, one rick bibby, and your father.
pretty cute.

yeah, reenie is in austin at my mom's house. i will take a picture of the bag soon and put it up. it is rather cute. why not take one right now, you ask? well, it is all the way downstairs and i am all the way upstairs so it would be impossible for me to gather the energy to do all that so early (11:00) in the morning.

apparently, uncle john and cousin deb and lynn anne may be out there reading this too, so hello all!! nice to virtually talk to you.

let me know how hawaii goes, grandmommy.
love love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Josephine. We love the picture. Grandmommy didn't recognize Rick, but she did recognize her daddy,
We just got back from eating Italian food. Burp.
Love you,
Lynn Anne

Anonymous said...

that picture was taken in(May?)1957.

it was on a Sunday after eating lunch at Hassie and Stanley's house, 4400 Abbott St.

I must have already removed my clip-on bow tie.


Anonymous said...

hello josephine. are you starting school soon?

elvis was just here at vickery towers. he sang to us in the dining hall.

granmommy and dad.