Saturday, August 18, 2007

well! hello. since last i wrote, i have seen chris, who is my boyfriend, and his cute cute puppy dog, clementine. she looks like this:
and i have been to dallas, where i saw you, grandmommy, and we had root beer floats on national root beer float day. we also saw dad and lynn anne.
and i saw my friends from high school. it was so fun. my friend marshall has a house on lake cedar creek and we got to go there and go out on his boat and cook together and play games. it was a really nice part of the summer.

now i am back in austin at my mom's house

and i will be here until i go back to school in nacogdoches on august 23rd, which is this coming wednesday. mom is driving me out there and going antique shopping on the way and then i will stay in nacogdoches for the semester.

i love you and i hope you're doing well.
(how's your knee?)

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Anonymous said...

my knee is ok now. thanks for asking.
good luck in school.

love you, granmommy and dad.