Wednesday, August 22, 2007


well, i'll soon be off to nacogdoches, and i have until 3:00 to finish packing it all up. actually i think i'll be done soon and will go over to see luke, tracy, and jacob before i head out.
good news! austin city limits music festival is one of the biggest events in austin and a huge part of luke's job. well, luke and tracy asked me if i would come in that weekend and babysit jacob! for 3 days. and in return, luke will get me in to the festival the last night to see bob dylan, a singer-songwriter who is amazing. ask dad. chris (see first post for picture) will be coming in to work for luke so i will just hitch a ride with him!
gotta go pack. i love you, gramdmommy and dad.

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Anonymous said...

granmommy says that sure is sweet of her. dad says no it's not, she's just having too much fun.

love, g'mommy and dad